At Axcess Point, we’ve made logistics and product distribution our core business – so you can focus all your time, attention and resources on yours. When you outsource to Axcess Point, you turn the worries and endless details that go with the logistics end of your business over to a proven partner with the experience necessary to do a great job for you. You gain instant access to our industry-leading systems, trained people, and efficient processes. With that off your plate, it makes it possible for you to tighten your focus, free your internal resources, and improve your bottom line.

With our ability to receive and integrate order processing system information from our customers, Axcess Point can guarantee that we receive every order, and can ensure that all orders are shipped in the most efficient, timely and cost effective way.

Our web-based system allows our clients the capability to know exactly where all materials and finished products are at every point in the fulfillment and supply chain process. We send email notifications to our customers giving them the ability to track where their products are during our internal process.

Coordinating the endless details that go with logistics and distribution is a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming chore. We invite you to experience a more efficient, cost-effective alternative with Axcess Point, so that you can focus your time and resources on your other business activities.